Special Event Vendor Fire Marshal Requirements

1. No decorations or other objects shall be placed over exit doors or otherwise be located to conceal or obstruct an exit. (IFC 1027.4)

2. Provide and maintain clear and visible access to all fire extinguishers, fire hose cabinets and fire alarm pull stations. (IFC 906.6)

3. Booth walls, canopies, display coverings and decorative materials shall be flame resistant in accordance with IFC 805.2. Current proof of flame resistance is the responsibility of the owner and shall be provided with application materials. (IFC 805.1)

4. There shall be no obstructions in the required width of aisles. (IFC 1024.9.6)

5. Collection of empty cardboard boxes or combustible waste is prohibited, except when stored in metal containers with lids. (IFC 304.3)

6. Storage of extra stock in cardboard boxes is permitted only in locations approved by the Fire Marshal and the promoters. (IFC 315.2)

7. Electrical installations shall be in accordance with the ICC Electrical Code. Extension cords and flexible cords shall not be affixed to structures, extended through walls, ceilings, floors, under doors, or floor coverings, nor shall such cords be subject to environmental damage or physical impact. Extension cords shall be grounded. (IFC 605.5; 605.5.4)

8. Cords, wires, ropes, or other obstructions which may create a trip hazard shall not be placed in areas where people normally travel. Approved wire protection strips and/or ramps are permitted. (FMO policy)

9. Use, display and/or sale of hazardous materials (such as propane, paints, resins, solvents, etc.) require Fire Marshal approval. (FMO policy)

10. Vehicles: Liquid- or gas-fueled vehicles, boats or other motor-craft shall not be located indoors except as follows:

 Batteries are disconnected and leads taped.

 Fuel in fuel tanks does not exceed one-quarter tank or five gallons, whichever is less.

 Fuel tanks and fill openings are closed and sealed to prevent tampering.

 Vehicles are not fueled or defueled within the building. (IFC 314.4)

11. Cooking, warming and heating appliances require Fire Marshal approval. (FMO policy)

12. Grease frying (grill or deep fat) requires Fire Marshal approval. (FMO policy)

13. Open flame devices are prohibited unless approved by the Fire Marshal. (IFC 308.3)

14. No storage or displays shall be placed within 18 inches of a building sprinkler head. (IFC 315.2.1)

15. Approved compressed gas cylinders shall be properly secured to prevent falling. (IFC 3003.3.3)

16. Display of natural cut trees shall be in accordance with IFC Section 804.1. Artificial decorative vegetation shall be flame resistant or flame retardant. Proof of flame resistance is the responsibility of the owner and shall be provided with application materials. (IFC 804.1)

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