General Information

The men and women of the Engineering group are dedicated to providing functional, cost effective public infrastructure for our citizens.  These include transportation facilities, a safe and reliable drinking water system, numerous parks and trails, sewer collection and treatment systems and the municipal buildings that our citizens use every day.

Capital Improvements Projects

Please review the City of Camas 2013 - 2030 Capital Facilities Plan List of Projects

The capital improvement project list is updated periodically. We try to reflect the most current status of construction projects and how those projects may affect the citizens of Camas.  In reading these notes, please remember that they reflect the best information we have at the time of publication. We strive to provide 24-hour notice prior to the construction of capital projects to adjoining neighbors through a number of methods, which include mailings, door hangers, and in some cases phone calls.

For a list of current projects, please visit our Capital Improvement Projects page

Camas Design Standard Manual

The purpose of the Design Standard Manual is to provide a consistent policy under which public facility design will be implemented.  The manual addresses transportation, design and submittal requirements, and standard engineering detail.

Please review the Camas Design Standard Manual

Consultant Information

In order to be placed on the City of Camas Professional Services Roster, consultants must submit a completed Professional Services Roster Request for Qualifications Form. You may mail the form to the City of Camas or email it to

Questions?  Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Contractor Information

To be placed on the City of Camas Small Works Roster, contractors must submit a completed Small Works Roster Statement of Qualifications Online Form.

Questions?  Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Transportation Related Information

Pursuant to the requirement of RCW 35.77.010, the City of Camas has adopted a Comprehensive Street Program (also known as a "Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program").  The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a list of all projects under consideration by the City of Camas.

Please review the Six-Year Street Priorities Map

A Traffic Impact Fee is charged by the City of Camas to new development projects to pay for capital improvements needed as a result of the development.  The Growth Management Act, a Washington state Law, requires cities to plan and provide transportation facilities to accommodate growth.

You are invited to read the 2012 Traffic Impact Fee Update