Special Event Additional Forms Information

Some special events may require multiple permits, supporting forms, and inspection processes to project life and property, prevent fires and comply with local fire codes. View the list of possible documents by event type.

When all forms are filled out and ready for submission return to the Special Events Application and Permit process to begin your online submittal.

Additional Documentation/Forms:

Outdoor events require a site plan depicting the layout of the event.

Indoor events require a floor plan with:

  • Floor plan indicating layout & dimensions of structures
  • Aisle widths (min. 10 feet)
  • Exit locations
  • Fire extinguisher locations
  • Cooking facilities locations, if applicable
  • LPF tanks locations & sizes, if applicable
  • Flammable or combustible liquids locations & quantities, if applicable
  • Open flame or spark producing equipment locations, if applicable
  • Arms or ammunition locations & quantities, if applicable
  • Gas-fueled vehicle locations

The Fire Marshal’s office will review the information provided to establish conditions associated with your event.

FINAL INSPECTION – All setup must be completed prior to the final inspection. Be sure to allow enough time to make any corrections that the inspection may require. To schedule your final inspection, contact NAME, NUMBER, EMAIL, HOURS. Final approval of the permit is subject to inspection approval at the time of setup.

The contact person listed on the application will be responsible for compliance with all Conditions of Approval, as well as being responsible for providing any additional information requested by the Fire Marshal’s office.

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